Basic Care


Basic Care provides a long-term and sometimes permanent placement for children as young as age five. Children often stay at the Home until they graduate from high school; after which, the Home provides every graduate an opportunity to go to college or to obtain specialized training in a particular career field.

The Home’s vision statement limits the scope of the admission requirements to the following criteria.

At least five years old

Normal to above normal aptitudes

No deep-seated emotional or drug-related issues

Can thrive well in a group of children living under set behavioral expectations


hhc-bc-HallFam-marie-cmykTypically, the process for admission to the Home is as follows.

Step one:  Initial inquiry by phone for qualification and available opening

Step two:  Personal interview with child and legal guardian

Step three:  Pre-placement weekend visit

Step four:  Possible psychological testingboywfootball

Step five:  90-day placement

Step six:  Full admission


To initiate possible placement, please contact our Child Care Office.

David Perkins, MSW, LCSW-ACP, Vice President for Child Care Programs | Email: | Phone: 325-692-0112 or 800-777-0219 or

Erin Seabourne, LPC, Clinical Director | Email: | Phone: 325-692-0112, ext. 115 or 800-777-0219 or

Lisa Parks, Administrative Assistant for Child Care Programs | Email: | Phone: 325-692-0112 or 800-777-0219