A. L. “Dusty” and Nancy Rhodes Family Care Complex

Gallery of Building in Progress 2014-2015

In 1996, Hendrick Home for Children was one of two agencies that pioneered Family Care in Texas, complementing our continuing 75-year-old “social orphans” program started by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hendrick in 1939.

The Family Care program assists financially strapped single parents and their children by providing room and board on campus for good but desperate families. Family Care makes it possible for our single parents to earn job-credentialing degrees, attend required financial-management classes, enroll in parenting-skills workshops, and receive clinical counseling as needed.  We get families off welfare by not giving them “fish,” but by letting them learn how to “fish.”  And, it works!  We currently have openings in the Family Care Program. For additional information, please email info@hendrickhome.org, or call 325-692-0112

In fact, historically the program has been so effective and efficient for more than 200 families that our Board of Trustees embarked on raising funds to double the size of HHC Family Care to 72 mothers and children living on campus at one time.  How?  By building the A. L. “Dusty” and Nancy Rhodes Family Care Complex, a 27,000-square-foot, 14-apartment complex for 12 more families and two supervising couples.

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“I’m a mother of five children… the people here at Hendrick Home have been very supportive of my family and me. My children and I aren’t out in the streets anymore and now we always have food. I’m able to go to work and take classes at Cisco College. The children are safe and now I’m able to be a better parent.” – Lesley, Family Care Program

Volunteer “After we came to Hendrick Home, I became a phlebotomist and moved into higher wages; I also saved enough money to purchase a reliable car. Family Care gave me and my son the support and time that we needed to make it on our own.” – Rachel, Family Care Program

hhc-fcc-banner-pope-May2014“We were living with friends. There were times we stayed the night in our car too. When we came to Hendrick Home my daughter finally had her own bed and a safe place. We both got healthier here.” Maria, Family Care Program


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