Services: Basic, After Care & Family Care

Two Main Programs: Basic and Family Care


Children are admitted to Hendrick Home between the ages of five and 15. The children come from all socio-economic backgrounds. During their stay, the Home is responsible for all the children’s needs, i.e. medical, dental, clothing, etc. The average stay is seven years, but many of the children remain through their college years.

While at Hendrick Home, the children learn fundamental responsibilites through their performances of daily chores, taking employment opportunities, and involvement in public schools. They attend college with the aid of the Home’s “After Care” scholarship program. The children are encouraged to be involved in extracurricular activities such as piano, football, basketball, cheerleading, band and 4-H.


Family involvement is encouraged. In most instances, children visit their biological families two weekends each month and have extended visitation at Thanksgiving, Christmas, during spring break and summer vacations.

AFTER CARE – Basic Care after High School Graduation

Children at the Home range in age from five years to their college years.

After Care, an extension of Basic Care, is a program designed to assist Hendrick Home children from the Basic Care program who are enrolled in local colleges or vocational schools in the Big Country. The purpose of After Care is to help ensure that Hendrick Home graduates are economically self-sufficient and are able to provide an appropriate standard of living for themselves while they pursue higher education.

Over the years, Hendrick Home has enrolled students at Abilene Christian University, Hardin-Simons University, Cisco College, McMurry University, Baylor University, University of Iowa, Colorado School of Mines and Texas College of Cosmetology. Currently, we have students at Cisco College, ACU, Baylor, Tarleton State University, University of Texas at El Paso, Angelo State University and Panola College, Carthage, Texas.


Through its Family Care Program, Hendrick Home for Children serves single parents and their children as they work to achieve financial, emotional, educational and spiritual stability. We assist parents by providing housing, utilities, food, counseling and an opportunity to further their educational goals.

The Family Care program was established in 1996. Each family is provided an attractive apartment in a safe, homelike environment. Three families share a large living area with comfortable furnishings and a spacious kitchen. The kitchen features a refrigerator and cabinet space for each family. The Home does not charge for rent or utilities. Phone service also is provided. The Home does not provide childcare services.

Since Hendrick Home is a home for children, we focus primarily on the needs of the children. By helping the parents, we help the children. Parents are encouraged to work toward economic self-sufficiency, so they might be able to provide an appropriate standard of living for themselves and their children.

Family Care has been a very successful program. The first client, admitted in 1996, completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees and has moved on to independent living, currently working toward a doctoral degree in psychological counseling. Other success stories include several nurses, a respiratory therapist, preschool owner and operator, food service manager, pharmacy tech, certified nurse’s aid, and surgical technician.

To initiate possible placement in the Family Care Program, please contact Holly Cox in our Child Care Office,, 325-692-0112, Ext. 116.


Basic Care

In the Basic Care program, we help children who do not require psychiatric counseling or lock-up facilities. The applicants should be without deep-seated behavioral problems so they are able to function well with other children of remarkable character. They should generally have the potential to do average to above-average school work with the propensity to extend their educational experience beyond high school. Referrals come from grandparents, school counselors, and often times, concerned friends.

Application Steps for Basic Care:

  • Initial telephone call or visit with Mr. David Perkins, vice president for Child Care Programs
  • Evaluation test
  • Preplacement visit
  • Admission

Admission requires an agreement between Hendrick Home for Children, the legal guardian, and the child. A 90-day probation period for the child and the Home determines if placement is in the best interest of the child.

Family Care

Click here to download and print the application. Fill it out and mail it in to the attention of Holly Cox.

Hendrick Home helps single parents and their children who would seem to benefit most from the services offered, and who will work most tenaciously toward the goals of the program. Each parent is given a plan of service with their goals in mind. Continuance in the program depends on how well the goals are met. Selection is competitive.

Application Steps for Family Care

  • Initial telephone evaluation with Mr. David Perkins, vice president for Child Care Programs or our Family Care Supervisor
  • Application completed and returned
  • Applicant may be invited for interview if all is well on application


David Perkins, LCSW-ACP, Vice President for Child Care Programs  |  Email:  |  Phone:  325-692-0112 or 800-777-0219 or

Erin Seabourne, M.A., LPC, Clinical Director  |  Email:  |  Phone:  325-692-0112, ext. 115 or 800-777-0219