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Hendrick Home for Children, 2758 Jeanette St., Abilene, TX 79602-5899

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 5195, Abilene, TX 79608-5195

325-692-0112, main number | 1-800-777-0219, toll free

325-692-6813, fax |, email


David Miller

David W. Miller, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer

President & CEO: David W. Miller, Ph.D. | 

Vice President for Child Care Programs: David Perkins, MSW, LCSW-ACP |

Vice President for Business and Finance: Candi Hammett |

Vice President for Community Relations: Barbara Dahl |

Clinical Director: Erin Seabourne, M.A., LPC |


David Perkins, executive vice president, left, Candi Hammett, vice president for business and finance, Barbara Dahl, vice president for community relations, and Erin Seabourne, clinical director  for child services



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Mrs. Jason “Katie” B. Alford, Member since: November 2015

Paul L. Cannon, Esq., Secretary/Treasurer, Member since:  November 2010

Mr. Barton R. “Bart” Cox, Member since:  November 2010

Mr. Joe P. Crawford, Member since: September 1998

The Honorable K. Lee Hamilton, Member since:  September 1998 | Former Chair: 2011-2015

Mr. Harris G. “Buddy” Napier, Vice Chairman, Member since:  January 2008

Arvin L. “Dusty” Rhodes, Esq., Member since:  September 1994

Mrs. Hobby “Darlene” Stevens, Chairman, Member since:  May 2003

Mr. Bud Darby, Member since: March 2018


Dusty Rhodes, standing left, Bart Cox, Paul Cannon, Buddy Napier, Lee Hamilton, David Miller, Darlene Stevens, Joe Crawford, Amber Cree, seated left, and Grady Barr.