Two Main Programs

Basic Care, since 1939, and Family Care, since 1996, at Hendrick Home for Children help address the needs of more than 1.4 million children in Texas who are in want of a secure home environment.
Basic Care provides a long-term and sometimes permanent placement for children as young as age five. Children often stay at the Home until they graduate from high school; after which, the Home provides every graduate an opportunity to go to college or to obtain specialized training in a particular career field.
Family Care is a program designed to help single parents stay with their children in an efficient Hendrick Home apartment as they work toward a major goal that leads to family stability and financial independence.
Admission Focus. The Home’s Vision Statement limits the scope of our admissions to those who meet the following requirements.
1. At least five years of age
2. Have normal to above normal aptitudes
3. Do not possess deep-seated emotional or drug-related issues
4. Can thrive in a group of children living under set behavioral expectations
Typically, the process for admission to the Home is as follows.
Step 1: Initial inquiry by phone for qualification and available opening
Step 2: Personal interview with child and legal guardian
Step 3: Pre-placement weekend visit
Step 4: Possible psychological testing
Step 5: 90-day placement
Step 6: Full admission
Most parents in the program complete college or a training program and find excellent career opportunities. What are the expectations for the families in the program?
All single parents must fulfill the following requirements.
  • Enter the program with a burning desire to improve their life situation
  • Provide care for their children
  • Have a job
  • Possess a means of transportation
  • Live cooperatively with supervisors and other families
  • Work consistently toward a goal that leads to independence
  • Observe all program guidelines

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