Basic Care

Children are admitted to Hendrick Home between the ages of five and 15. The children come from all socio-economic backgrounds. During their stay, the Home is responsible for all the children’s needs, i.e. medical, dental, clothing, etc. The average stay is seven years, but many of the children remain through their college years.

While at Hendrick Home, the children learn fundamental responsibilites through their performances of daily chores, taking employment opportunities, and involvement in public schools. They attend college with the aid of the Home’s “After Care” scholarship program. The children are encouraged to be involved in extracurricular activities such as piano, football, basketball, cheerleading, band and 4-H. 

Family Involvement

Family involvement is encouraged. In most instances, children visit their biological families two weekends each month and have extended visitation at Thanksgiving, Christmas, during spring break and summer vacations.

Basic Care Application

  • Initial telephone evaluation with Mr. David Perkins, Vice President for Child Care Programs
  • Evaluation test
  • Pre-placement visit
  • Admission

To initiate possible placement, please contact Holly Cox in our Child Care Office,, 325-692-0112, Ext. 116.

Contact Information


 David Perkins, LCSW-ACP, Vice President for Child Care Programs                           Email:  |  Phone:  325-692-0112 or 800-777-0219

Erin Seabourne, LPC, Vice President of Clinical Services | Email:  |  Phone:  325-692-0112, Ext. 115 or 800-777-021