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The 52-acre campus was opened in 1939 and consisted of the Main Building, the superintendent’s home and a large covered garage. To view a map, click here.

Hendrick Home for Children, Abilene, Texas in Taylor County

The 52-acre campus serves as “home” to approximately 50 children in the Basic Care program and another 25 people in the Family Care program. The campus has three family-style cottages, two town homes and the two-story main building. Also on the grounds, you will find a gymnasium, swimming pool, horse barn and four employee homes. The living quarters of the main building are dedicated to the Family Care program, with 14 apartments for single parents and their children, with the remainder dedicated to administrative offices, the campus kitchen and basement.

Patty’s Cottage, currently the girls’ cottage, was named in memory of Patty Shelton on Aug. 13, 2003. Over the next 50 years, Patty’s Cottage is expected to be the loving home for more than 100 children

The townhouse is for Basic Care children after high school graduation while they attend college or a workforce education program.

Salyer Cottage

Impact Gifts

  • Main Building                                                                                                               $5,000,000
  • Wings (x4)                                                                                                                     $1,000,000
  • Cottage (Boys)                                                                                                             $1,000,000
  • Cottage (Girls)                                                                                                              $1,000,000

Program Sustaining Gifts

  • Endowment Social Worker Department                                                                    $250,000
  • Endowment Equine Therapy Program                                                                       $250,000
  • Endowment Development Program                                                                           $250,000
  • Endowment Business Program                                                                                   $250,000

Quality of Life Gifts

  • Therapy/Conference                                                                                                      $125,000
  • Play Area                                                                                                                            $75,000
  • Kitchen/Dining Room (x4)                                                                                               $75,000
  • Hendrick Home Museum                                                                                                $50,000
  • Board Room                                                                                                                      $50,000
  • Museum Display (x6)                                                                                                       $25,000
  • Family Care Suites (x12)                                                                                                  $10,000
  • Legacy Wall                                                                                                                        $50,000

Workplace Gifts

  • College Apartments (x8)                                                                                                    $5,000
  • Offices (x15)                                                                                                                        $5,000

Pathway Gifts

  • Light Post (x20)                                                                                                                   $1,500