Family Care Program

The Family Care Program and Hendrick Home’s Mission

The Hendrick Home for Children mission statement emphasizes that our programs are primarily concerned with promoting growth in the areas of spirituality, intellect, physical health, and emotional health. In addition, we focus on stabilizing and strengthening the single parent while developing an ability to live independently.

Monthly Seminars

An important element of the program is our monthly two-hour seminar. The topic of each seminar directly promotes the goals of our mission.

Seminar topics include the following.

Parent Education
Healthy Dating & Marital Relationships
Bible Study
Financial Management
Building Health Self-Esteem
Income Tax Preparation
Nutrition and Health
Hair & Makeup on a Budget
Makeup for Teens
Time Management
Cooking for Health
Techniques for Dealing with Stress


The Hendrick Home for Children Family Care program helps impoverished single parents and their children achieve healthy independence for the families.
What does the Family Care Program provide?’
Efficient campus apartment suites
Nourishing hot meals and food pantry
Supervised plan of action for each family
Free family counseling
Financial management classes as needed
Parenting skills workshop
Limited tuition scholarships when available
Equine Therapy for the parent and older children
“I received a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from Hardin Simmons University while in the Family Care program. It was a godsend to my two girls and me.” -A Parent.
Most parents in the program complete college or a training program and find excellent career opportunities.


All single parents must meet the following requirements:
Come into the program with burning desire to improve their life situation
Provide care for their children
Have a job
Possess a means of transportation
Live cooperatively with supervisors and other families
Work consistently toward a goal that leads to independence
Observe all program guidelines.

For more information about sharing your time or resources, please call us today! 325-692-0112HHC-mission