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Creating Magic For A Good Cause

Every non-profit has to fund raise to help meet their budget every year, and Hendrick Home for Children is no different. Several different ventures to help raise funds were tried over a number of years. In 2009 our fundraiser The Sporting Clay Classic came to an end, and we needed a fresh idea. Something that wasn’t just another golf tournament or auction; something that couldn’t be easily mimicked. One of our volunteers, Neil Shultz, came to us with an idea: Dancing with the Abilene Stars. We were a little apprehensive, but we listened to him and decided to give it a try.

The Inaugural Dancing with Abilene Stars was held on Thursday, January 21, 2010 in the Conference Center of the Abilene Convention Center. There were 45 tables (approximately 450 people), 12 dancers and 2 professionals. Net Profit that year was $52,788… TWICE the amount we had hoped to raise! People loved it and it was the talk of the town for weeks after the event. With the addition of Shea Woodard Hall and Mikea Glenn as co-chairs in 2011 and 2013 respectively, DWTAS has become the best event in town.

Every year, our amazing “Stars” have set the bar higher and higher. Eleven years, 132 dancers and numerous professionals, 129 tables on the floor, 40 seats in the balcony, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of guests have raised millions of dollars. Yes, millions! To date, these extraordinary “Stars” with the love and support of their family, friends and the community of Abilene, have raised $3,676,276 for the children of Hendrick Home.

The unparalleled success of Dancing with the Abilene Stars could not happen without every piece of the puzzle: the Stars, the professional dancers, the committee and volunteers, the sound and lighting, the video production, etc., fitting perfectly together to create MAGIC!!!

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