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Spiritual.   Emotional.   Physical.  Intellectual.

Hendrick Home for Children raises children in a safe and loving Christian environment that provides an atmosphere of spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual growth.

Basic Care

We provide a home for school-aged children from all socio-economic backgrounds. During their stay, Hendrick Home for Children is responsible for all the child’s needs, including shelter, food, clothing, medical, dental and more. Family involvement is a strong component of this residential program.

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Family Care

The Family Care Program serves single parents and their children as they work to achieve financial, emotional, educational and spiritual stability. We assist parents by providing housing, utilities, food, counseling and an opportunity to further their educational goals.

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Important Contact Information

The admission process always begins with an initial consultation.
Please contact one of these caring individuals to begin the process.

Erin Seabourne, M.A., LPC, LCCA Executive Vice President
erinseabourne@HendrickHome.org | 325-692-0112, Ext. 1657 or 800-777-0219
Holly Cox, LMFT
hollycox@HendrickHome.org | 325-692-0112, Ext. 1658 or 800-777-0219


Robert Marshall, M. Ed., L.P.C.-S, President & CEO
RobertMarshall@HendrickHome.org | 325-692-0112, Ext. 1660 or 800-777-0219