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Working Toward Major Goals

Family Care is a program designed to help single parents stay with their children in an efficient Hendrick Home apartment as they work toward a major goal that leads to family stability and financial independence. Most parents in the program complete college or a training program and find excellent career opportunities.

All single parents must fulfill the following requirements:
• Enter the program with burning desire to improve their life situation
• Provide care for their children
• Have a job
• Possess a means of transportation
• Live cooperatively with supervisors and other families
• Work consistently toward a goal that leads to independence
• Observe all program guidelines

What Does Family Care Provide?

• Efficient campus apartment suites
• Nourishing hot meals and food pantry
• Supervised plan of action for each family
• Free family counseling
• Financial management classes as needed
• Parenting skills workshop
• Limited tuition scholarships when available
• Equine therapy for the parent and older children

Family Care Application

The application process begins with an initial telephone evaluation, followed by submitting a complete application.
Download Application

To initiate possible placement, please contact Holly Cox in our Child Care Office, HollyCox@HendrickHome.org, 325-692-0112, Ext. 116.

Important Contact Information

Erin Seabourne, M/A., LPC, LCCA, Executive Vice President
erinseabourne@HendrickHome.org | 325-692-0112, Ext. 115 or 800-777-0219
Holly Cox, LMFT, Associate
hollycox@HendrickHome.org | 325-692-0112, Ext. 116 or 800-777-0219