Family Care

Family Care is a program designed to help single parents stay with their children in an efficient Hendrick Home apartment as they work toward a major goal that leads to family stability and financial independence.

The Family Care Program Mission

“The Hendrick Home for Children Family Care Program helps impoverished single parents and their children achieve healthy independence for the families.”

Family Care Admissions

Most parents in the program complete college or a training program and find excellent career opportunities.


What are the expectations for the families in the program?

  • All single parents must fulfill the following requirements.
  • Enter the program with burning desire to improve their life situation
  • Provide care for their children
  • Have a job
  • Possess a means of transportation
  • Live cooperatively with supervisors and other families
  • Work consistently toward a goal that leads to independence
  • Observe all program guidelines

What does the Family Care Program provide?

  • Efficient campus apartment suites
  • Nourishing hot meals and food pantry
  • Supervised plan of action for each family
  • Free family counseling
  • Financial management classes as needed
  • Parenting skills workshop
  • Limited tuition scholarships when available
  • Equine therapy for the parent and older children

Family Care Application

  • Initial telephone evaluation with Mr. David Perkins, Vice President for Child Care Programs
  • Application Complete and returned
  • Applicant may be invited for interview

To initiate possible placement, please contact Holly Cox in our Child Care Office,, 325-692-0112, Ext. 116.

Click here to download and print the Family Care Application. Fill it out and mail it in to the attention of Holly Cox.

Contact Information


 David Perkins, LCSW-ACP, Vice President for Child Care Programs                           Email:  |  Phone:  325-692-0112 or 800-777-0219

Erin Seabourne, LPC, Vice President of Clinical Services | Email:  |  Phone:  325-692-0112, Ext. 115 or 800-777-021